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TEXT TOPIC: What is the BIGGEST lie your parents told you?

my mom told me if I do not eat my vegetables my pee hole would close and I wouldn't be able to pee so I would have diarrhea forever

The biggest lie my parents told me was that my step father was my bio dad. Found out at 19 yo that he is not.

Parents said I had a word limit per month if I reached it i wouldn't be able to speak after that. "You're at 5,000 words, be careful." It shut me up.

Silly putty disappears if you leave it out of the egg

my mom told me that picking scabs caused cancer. I'm a BAD picker. When I couldn't resist and did pick I would be panicked for days after.

Mom said girls don't fart. I found out she lied when she farted in front of me. My 5 yr old brain exploded.

My parents told me that we were poor. We were definetly not, they just didnt want me to be spoiled.

our parents told us our dog ran away (I was probably 12, we had had her since I was 3, so she was old) when they actually put her to sleep. She was sick and us kids didn't know. We found out as adults what happened.

I always made faces... parents said my face would freeze that way

Lie I tell my grandson, if he swallows bubble gum he will fart bubbles.

biggest lie my mom told me was how my dad passed away. Was always told it was lung cancer from smoking 7+ years later found out by my half sister that it was really aids.

My babysitter growing up was missing fingers from a birth defect. My mom told us she lost them because she bit her nails so we would stop biting our nails

On the mountains..where there are red rocks, my dad would tell us thats where cowboys and Indians fought. And it Indian blood

don't wear socks well sleeping the boogeyman will get you, am 28 and till this day I still don't wear socks lol

The biggest lie that my parents told me was that sex is bad! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!!

my mom told my brothers "your sister is a girl because she played with it go much and it fell off" they believed her

My dad told me that BYU stood for blue and yellow underwear. I believed him until I was 12!

my dad had his big toenail removed and I was always told his toe got ran over by a train

probably not the biggest lie but it was tragic to me as a kid my dad told me that if you cooked tapioca ( for pudding) wrong then it was poisonous

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