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TEXT TOPIC: What did you find when looking for a house or apartment?

Went to check on our house when it was being built. 1 of the workers had taken a dump on the concrete floor!! I was livid & disgusted!

My neighbor found the workers POOPED in her window well of the basement (new build) guess the plumbing was NOT installed yet. She had to clean it to!!!!

when we were doing a second look on a home, they had forgotten to put away a giant bong! It was just sitting there on the kitchen island all loud and proud

Looking at a home. Unfinished dark basement, sheets hung to make walls. Moved a sheet & there was hair/wig hanging from the ceiling. Panicked & bailed. WTF

found a Sheetrock worker peeing in the window well

Half way through the tour we find a note on a bedroom door that they left a sleeping child.

when my daughter was building her house, there were open beer cans all around the site

We were looking for a older home to remodel. My son was 2 at the time. We walks into a closet and says "hi" to someone or something. We booked it!

we were walking through a house. There wasn't supposed to be anyone home. Opened a bedroom door and found a guy watching adult videos taking care of business...

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