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TEXT TOPIC: What is the last fight you had with your spouse?

politics. Enough said.

we clean a car dealership at night and we fought over the sweeping and mopping. Lol. He didn't do it right! Of course!

Building an addition on to our house. Husband said it was too expensive, I said it would be cheaper than my mental Bills from having my two boys share a bedroom. I won. And we both agree it's so nice!

This morning... about who is going to call the cable company to figure out why we have no internet today.

about a week ago my husband was having issues with something and I told our dog he was special and he assumed I meant "special" as in dumb. And then Saturday I got upset because of some things I had found on his phone that I had thought we were over

Fought because I drip a lot of water when I get out of the shower, so my wife was complaining about it. Full on yelling match this morning.

We were driving to church and fought about who is the boring one in our relationship and who is the crazy one in our relationship.

he was gaming with his friends online and got really loud and woke up the baby. I told him and he was like "no I didn't." I put the monitor on his desk and told him it's his job now.

Hubby started a fight about me drinking a soda to help me wake up, because vitamins are too expensive and soda ruins vitamins

Caught my wife calling and texting another man after figuring out she had cheated. A night long fight officially the last bite 13 years down the drain now she's my ex. No more fighting with her it's not worth it

we fought over a Candy bar. I bought a king size candy bar and only took 2 bites husband ate it all and I wanted it--I was saving it and we fought because I don't know how to eat a candy bar all the way

we fought over the cat. He loves getting in the pantry, and we argued on who didn't check to see if he was on there, he got locked in there all night.

We get along so great except when it comes to his side of the family. They treat me like crap and he just doesn't care ???????

last fight was cuz I threw a kids toy away that he hit the other kid with but my husband was made I didn't ask his mom who bought it if I could throw it away I don't have to ask her shit I'll do what I want

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