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TEXT TOPICS: What is a movie liked but won't watch again?

I listened to Tony and watched the movie Our Friend and now I am traumatized! It was so depressing! I couldn't stop crying.

Knives out. Good movie, but I know how it ends.

the movie Tennet. If you like confusing as hell this is the movie for you. I liked the action but had no idea what was going on.

the movies I've seen once, really liked, but won't watch again are all the "Saw" movies

Any Marvel movies or Star Wars! I like em but I'll never watch em again

schindlers list

inside out. Good movie, but meh no desire to see it again.

one time watched and never again Top Gun

Saving Private Ryan

City of Angels. Loved all the movie until the end pissed me off. Never need to see it again.

Marley and me!!!

Tangled, it's a good movie but I can't watch it again. Mother Gothel is basically my mom in appearance, mannerisms, and emotional manipulation.

End Of Watch

The movie 'Seven'! One & done!

Star Wars franchise. Seen them all last year for the first due to peer pressure but not need to see it again. Meh.

Hotel Rwanda

Unhinged w/Russel Crowe, it's Good! But stressful, won't watch it again.

girl with the dragon tattoo with rooney mara and Daniel Craig. Some of the scenes were brutal.

a quiet place. Great movie but too sad when they take the toddler

The Martian.

Don't need to see Donnie Darko again. Mostly liked the movie but once was enough for me.

Requiem for a dream and American beauty

The Exorcist. Never ever again

My husband made me watch all the old Star Wars when we got married because I had never watched it. I don't care to ever watch them again!

life is beautiful

ET nope not ever again

chicken little

Me before you. Made me so mad at the end!!

movie is my sisters keeper. So good yet so depressing.

The Shack (about parents that lose their daughter) what dreams may come (especially after Robin Williams passing) and the greatest showman (idk why lol)

interstellar. Wonderful movie but long af

the notebook never care to see it again

my movie is Legend

the movie "Buried" with Ryan Reynolds

sixth sense

the movie Man on Fire. Loved the movie but hated the ending. And when it comes on TV I make my husband change it

hairspray. super good. but once is good for me. "GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE "?? always stuck in my head.

Don't need to see Judy again. Zellweger did great but once was enough.

A.I. Great movie, but don't ever want to watch it again. It made me cry worse than any other movie.

A Star is Born

Passion of the Christ. Sommersby.

the movie "Crash" with Sandra bullock. Good movie but I just don't want to watch it again . Super sad and made me cry.

The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio. It was good but too intense.

the entire lord of the rings series.

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