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TEXT TOPIC: You can't believe your date did WHAT?

I can't believe my date pulled ones out for tip but dipped it on the water and stuck it around the glasses total DBAG

My date didn't buy movie tickets in advance, so we sat by ourselves across the theater. The movie ended and we both just walked out by ourselves.

can't believe my date got drunk and then tried to hook up, um yeah said no thanks and went home

I can't believe my date refused to walk outside in the rain. She said she was a mermaid, and if the water touched her, her tail would come out.

can't believe my date handed me a condom with her face on the wrapper on the first date.

My friends date kept talking about his unusual we, saying let me just show you. He suddenly dropped trow and pulled out his Prince Albert!

can't believe that my Sr. Prom date in high school showed up at my door in a red silk jumpsuit instead of a tux, with an old dusty, fake corsage.

We went out to lunch and he wouldn't stop hitting on the waitress and then bragged to me about it

first date with this guy, first time we had met in person and he takes me to a job interview... awkward

he had a 2nd woman at his house when I went there for a date for a 3 way

he asked me if we could talk about his business so that our sushi lunch could be tax-deductible.

first date dinner..I went to the restroom.. date says "are you going to come back?"

my date's car broke down on his way to pick me up. I had to go get him and he criticized my car the rest of the date. Um at least my car ran!

Mutual friend set up w/ a guy on blind date. Went on picnic, then back to my apartment. He asked for water & we went into the kitchen; instead of taking glass I offered, he turned on the water and drank out of the faucet!

First date The guy kept talking about how he can't digest corn

my date left me for her ex boyfriend and left me stranded and I walked home.

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