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TEXT TOPIC: Where is the craziest place you GOT IT ON?

craziest place: mother in laws backyard

craziest place for me is the gym showers

I work in a small office, recently my fianc & I got it on there, he bent me over my desk it was such a thrill

Me and my ex husband and our friends that were dating climbed on top of the event center in Ogden and we got it on right across from each other LOL

a fitting room at Forever 21 ???? mid DAY.

ATV overlooking Yuba lake at sunset.

on top of a rental car in a friend's driveway. The rental car was too small.

back of our minivan on a dirt road. Then we got caught by the cops. Didn't ruin anything just delayed it haha.

on our wedding night we hooked up on the balcony of the hotel and when all is said and done we looked down to see people clapping

On top of the old electrical building Sugarhouse by the liquor store. See it from freeway-one leg dangling off

9th hole of a golf course in the middle of the night

once in a bus on the way to Wendover. On a wave runner and on a three wheeler at the dunes! Oh good memories. Oh yeah!! Lol

Just had this come up in a conversation with our parents and they said on top of Angels Landing in Zion national park

In the back of a short bus... that was owned by a competitor radio station at the time... in a car wash.

on my back deck, in a storage shed, in a church parking lot, in a library parking lot, in my high school bathroom, those are the first that come to mind

my ex wife were headed to her parents house for dinner and we were both in the mood so we got it on in her parents drive way.

went jogging with wife through college late afternoon after we got caught in the moment and went behind some bushes.

we did it at a 3 days grace concert at salt air. We were upstairs and she was bent over the balcony

Thanksgiving Point Parking lot! We were wild newly weds! ??

Movie theater. I was young. It was thrilling and so hot. Never do it again though. Way to scared now.

tent at a family reunion

in-laws bathroom

freaky place was at Round1 in South Towne mall bathroom! It was pretty hot!!

Dead Horse trail in Moab. Out on the viewing area. Moab wasn't the only thing hot that day.

Porta-potty at a music festival

dressing room at ZCMI

same room as my sister and brother in law while they were sleeping in the bed right next to us.

while driving 60mph down the freeway between Wendover and Elko. He's driving.

gave my fianc a blow job while he was driving on the freeway

on a golf course and in our friends shower

On a picnic table at the hot springs late at night.

worked at JCPenney and one of my coworkers was my boyfriend and we got it on in one of the dressing rooms and the back stock room after close

Open House. And a public bathroom.

in the car, we were parked in our old high school parking lot

on a drive, pulled over, put up a tent, had great sex! Took the tent down... drove off!

Halloween party in my car with an audience cheering us on

my bf and I used to work together, so we would have sex everyday in our offices... buttnaked, on the floor, desk, everywhere

conference room table.

in a car on the side of I-15 in the middle of the day.

I like to go to the park sit on the park bench at the table and straddle my boyfriend's lap

outside stairs of the salt lake library

cop car behind the station

In the snow after sledding

On the roof of a parking garage downtown near temple Square, n in laundromat of friend's apt

Hubs and I in so many offices in a building we cleaned. Also, At a park.

grave shift in the bathroom at work with coworker, bldg was under constrction, the bthrm was in a portable trailer & it was huge so we did a lot

With my ex in the storage area of his work, during work hours

mid day public pool full of kids

I also snuck a guy into church and we did it in one of the classrooms while my friends played basketball in the gym. No one knew.

The final rest stop restrooms heading south to St George! Hubby and I were celebrating our 5 year anniversary! Every time we head south now and we drive past that rest stop, we look at each other and smile! ??

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