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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your radar?

I'm reading the book untamed by Glennon Doyle. Empowering, freeing, I wish I read this before kids. Felt like I shed my layer of guilt & shame

Found one of my fav soda that has been out of stock everywhere for months! Cactus Cooler!

taqueria 27 duck tacos omg delicious

Gluten Free Oreos are totally on my radar. They taste just like the original! And Gluten Free Kraft mac n cheese. So good!!

This is Important podcast is on my radar. It's the guys from Workaholics and it's SO FUNNY!!!!!!!

an otoscope I got from Amazon that has a camera and light you can sync with your phone. Can see what's in your ears and clean it. Obsessed.

The series 'Dynasty" on Netflix! I get sick of series really fast but I am ADDICTED. Love love this show and am binging my way through it!!

How to catch a smuggler! So good and so intriguing as to what the lengths people go to, to get drugs over here! Watch it!

El Chihuahua restaurant. We order to-go every weekend. They know me by name. They are consistent and never disappoint.

villagio pizzeria. It's a New York Italian pizza. Fun to listen his new York accent

HARRY POTTER!!! I finally watched all the movies and paid attention attention. I love them!

Colorstreet nail strips! Can't get enough. I can have cute nails that last without going to the salon!

On my Radar-Chubbys. It's a burger and shake joint. Have multiple locations. They have the best sandwiches and vanilla shakes.

Ombu Hot Pot. Best all your can eat Hot pot. Just right off state st and 33rd.

Tractor supply CO in tooele i just moved out there and bought a trailer and a gun safe for crazy good prices It's a lot cooler than I thought it would be

currently listening to Ghosts in the Burbs and Graveyard Tales podcasts.

Among the Hidden is an amazing book and I am excited my hubby told me to read it

Cobra Kai! Sooooo fun and good to watch!

Reese Witherspoons book club Hello sunshine.. Such incredible books.

PAUSE BREATH WORK. Its amazing the things you work through, and the way your body can feel just from CONSCIOUS BREATHING

don't know if you guys have heard of them but Frankie and Jess on 97.1 ZHT got to give them a listen! They are definitely on the radar! So great

the docu Outcry. Best 5 part docu I've ever seen. Frankie would like it. It takes you inside a trial that lasted 6 years in Texas on showtime

Rice Wok Garden in Kearns! Their sesame chicken is amazing!

obsessed with Float Spa 19 downtown. Amazing relaxing experience.

Smash It - rage room Escape Key - escape rooms Social Axe - throwing axes ~Brandy (that's my name, not whats on my radar!)

Been really enjoying the Burk n Birds podcast! They are local here, it's a weekly comedy show, not safe for work haha

Garrett Micheal Barber shop so fancy. Best service. Kevin has a big beard.

Redhanded - true crime pod cast ~Brandy (that's my name, not whats on my radar!)

Munchies in Holladay. Best dessert, owned by POC. Please support!

the genius life podcast. Frankie would also REALLY like that one

UTOG Brewery in Ogden. Delicious food and drinks! *chefs kiss*

Amazing band. Citizens cope

Introducing my fianc to Making a Murder. Oldie but still blows my mind. And Night Stalker.

flakes pie co at South Jordan. Individual small mini pies

podcast called ridiculous history. Did you know there was an illegal margarine smuggling between Canada and the US. Also a "protest" bc of banquettes in France

Call the midwife. On Netflix. Love it..

Beardalls bakery on Magna main! So so good! Best donuts and pie EVER. It's a little mom and pop shop. The people are SO nice

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