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TEXT TOPIC: What is the messed up thing you did as a kid and regret?

in 2nd grade I threw my pencil and it hit a classmate on her eyelid, I'm so glad it didn't get her eye

When I was in 6th grade, it was cold during recess so my friend and I decided to try to pick the portable door lock. The stick was jammed in the door lock. My friend and I never told the teacher it was us and our class was locked outside while the locksmith worked on the door for the next 2 1/2 hours.

I pulled a girls chair out from under her at church and she feel square on her back, legs up and everything. Feel sick about it now

not me, but someone (I'm assuming as a prank) put my # on Craigslist years ago & my place of work. I had random men showing up at my work place. Very scary Had to file a police report & change my # Hope they feel bad to this day.

In elementary, I made fun of a boy for stuttering. I was teased by my siblings at home, so I thought it was normal. I'm now 25 and still feel bad to this day.

I was only 5, but I took a razor to my sisters head in the bath. Her hair never has grown back the way it should.

When i was around 13 14 my little sister was 12 everytime we got in a fight or i was mad at her i would always call her fat. And tell her fat she was. She was never fat and now has body image issues. To this day i wish i could take it. You never realize how much words can actually hurt people.

When I was a teenager we went pumpkin smashing. Stole pumpkins off of these random families porches and smashed them in the road. It's always bothered me. Especially when it now happened to our family and our kids were SO SAD! I did that to another family! ??

While baby sitting. I saw a Beatles album and looks at it and saw it had pics of each and I took Paul...still feel bad about it

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