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TEXT TOPIC: What did you say you would NEVER do?

Said would never go on a cruise. Went in 2019 for daughters wedding and loved it.

my entire first 3 years as a parent were full of doing things I had told myself I'd never do as a parent lol

I said I'd never leave butter in a dish on the counter. I now do it and love soft butter.

said I would never breastfeed, it just sounded horrible. But I BF my first for 16 months and 2nd for 14 months.

said I would never go to a Therapist because I felt like Therapy is for people who are weak. Last year was rough, and started going, so glad I did! Love my therapist.

said I would NEVER get a couple tattoo. Just happened 2 weeks ago!

letting my kid wears a costume everyday all day and every where. I couldn't stand those parents Now my four-year-old boy won't take off his cat boy costume

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