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TEXT TOPIC: What are you scared to tell your spouse?

I want to tell my husband that I want to quit my graveyard job and focus and grow my business to make it my primary source of income

I want to tell my bf to not be lazy/ brush his teeth, w/ toothpaste and not just water, at least nightly! Salsa/garlic breath not sexy

im afraid to tell my husband that idk if I want to do the job I went to school for. That idk what I want to do but I feel pressured cuz we have bills to pay

burnt a HUGE hole in the carpet in the guest room with my wood burner 2 1/2 years ago. Im waiting till new floor & he sees it to talk about

got drunk and cheated. It was a threesome.

Wanna tell my hubby to change his eating habits. He makes comments about him gaining weight, he just needs to slow down on food.

to my hubby, I know we talked about trying for kids this year but I dont think I'm ready.

I was coloring my hair and accidentally dyed our brand new wood floor. I moved the rug over it so he won't see it.

Been sleeping with another man that's not my husband for 3 years now. His spouse and mine no longer want intimacy. So we satisfy each other that way

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