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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive text?

hey boss, quit bragging about how much the company made (that your employees worked their tails off for) and the only one to reap the rewards is you..

Dear Rachel, I'm so glad your cheating paid off lol I did not cheat at work and my bonus will be $2K greater than yours. Hope you have a blessed day lol

to the woman who flipped me off Friday. Road rage won't get you anywhere take a breath and move on.

Stop trying to confuse me with what your intentions are. You obviously think you're good at manipulating/gaslighting, but I see right through you

Dear homeboy, stop wasting my time and energy to boost your ego. I'm a single mom with better things to do.

Hey babe. Enjoy me just taking care of everything. It's the beginning of the end for us

to the kid wanna be doc at the plasma center- how about you skip the highly personal questions about my love life and stick to the needle.

everyone who has moved to Utah in the last few years welcome i love all of you please don't turn utah into any other state cause you moved here for a reason

to the lady who pulled the cover off my babys seat & got in his face to talk to him with no mask YOU'RE the reason COVID is bad. Dont touch someone's child!

Wear your mask above your nose!!

Hey gym lady, stop saving spots for people who aren't at the gym!! They have to check in And class size is limited because of social distancing! If you can't get there on time, don't just sneak into a full class!

alright D Im tryin to be ur friend but listening to u blab for hours daily is burning my brain I cant take it! Shut the f up i dont care!

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