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TEXT TOPIC: How did your pet ruin sexy time?

we had just finished sexy time, my dog jumped on the bed and lifted his leg on hubby

our dog used to sleep on our bed. The cold wet nose in your butt crack will ruin it in a hurry

never fails dogs will not go outside bedroom one dog insists on sitting on bed staring at me once thing get going two dogs play fight on the bed

hubby and I were trying to get some. Our cat decided to come in and start licking my face, including my eyelids.

My dog is obsessed with me. I'm a single lady, dog has put herself physically between the guys I bring over once we are actually in the act.

our dog barked at my bf because he thought I was hurting me because of my sounds....

We used to have a dog that would start whining very loudly and running in circles before we even started anything.

didn't realize my dog walked in and licked my boyfriends butt.

same situation as Jess, but instead of licking toes, the dog returned the favor and went for poop hole.

she refuses to leave the pillow above our heads and grumbles annoyed if we try to kick her out of our room.

when our dog farts he clears the room, it was the middle of sexy time and this horrible smell killed the mood completely.

my dog is sneaky you won't know he is there till he jumps up and nips at my inner thigh and growls

We have a little schnoodle terrier mix. She cant handle when my husband and I kiss. When she notices she starts doing sassy barky talks and runs right between our faces and starts attacking my husbands face with doggy kisses. Jealous little booger

my mini dachshund started humping my husband at the times leg so ruined it

Our dog tried to join in. So gross!

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