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TEXT TOPIC: What is true about you that sounds made up?

I've had a lot of different jobs and whenever I tell people about it, they don't believe me.

after having plenty of them, I went 7 years without having the big O

I sneezed and totaled my car.

I was Little Miss America, West Jordan.

had a 13 pound ovarian cyst removed when I was 16. No one believes it unless I show them a picture.

Have 20/5 vision and can read the entire snellen chart without a problem

got engaged 8 days after meeting him.

flew out to sea and landed on an aircraft carrier. I'm a civilian so people often don't believe it.

was the PM magazine Co host with Micheal J fox when I was 8. Though a contest I won with nickelodeon

broke just one half of my face in 6 different places from a water weenie accident.

got hit by a trax train and walked out with a couple stitches and a concussion

my parents legally changed my first name when I was 8years old and didn't tell me

I only have one lung. You'd never know that from just looking at me. I'm high risk for Covid and some people don't believe me.

lost both parents by the age of 16. Dad when I was 4 from suicide and mom at 16 from lung cancer

my birthday is 4/4/84 and I was born at 4:44 in the afternoon. On a Wednesday the 4th day of the week. Sadly I wasn't in the newspaper when I was born

was divorced for nearly 10 years and we didn't know. It's a good story...

have 4 diseases. I have since I was 26 years old. People don't believe me because I work multiple jobs to pay the bills.

had a fbi tail at 8 years old---Gpa property near Chicago was used to break the mafia family in the 70s. Uncle got married and we all had tails for protection.

I've been pulled over more than 50 times and have never gotten a ticket.

picked my first and middle name when I was 5--My family just called me X until I was 3 but then just called me baby until I was 5 and picked my name.--Nicki Marie. My big sister did help me pick it. She put a couple of names in front on me. My grandma's name is Marie.

I'm 35 and my son had 2 strokes 9 years ago. People always think I'm meaning myself when I tell them.

I am legally blind in one eye and I have been since birth. People don't believe me because I can drive but because I've been blind my whole life with my other eye has gotten really good at compensating so I can still pass the test to drive

when I was 5 I fell backwards off a chair and landed on a nail it went straight through the back of my neck.

I’m 31 and I’ve had 40 surgeries

My great great grandpa Hunsaker had 5 wives and 54 kids Come to find out he is the reason our family is "Mormon royalty"

I am an identical twin. My parents didnt know they was having twins til after my sister was born. Our hearts beat at the same time and no ultrasounds.

Around midnight, 1 car rollover, ejected out of the driver side window. Hardly anyone on the road. Someone saw me running down the road.Only cuts & bruises.

was born on 7/17/1997 at 7:17 am in room 717. Second. I was ran over by my mom when I was 5

saw this boy in high school (didn't even know his name) and KNEW I'd marry him and have his babies one day. 9 years later. We have 2 kids and just got married last year! I just knew.

had my throat slit 1 mm away from my jugular and I served

never broke a bone until I was 34. Broke 8 in 2 years. 38 casts, 4 off loading shoes and 2 walking boots in 24 months because of it.

people in my family thought my mom literally had killed me and disposed of my body. When I became an adult and found them they were in shock, I had to send them a pic to prove it was me

When year for my birthday I planned a big get together at a bar in town and reserved 3 tables and expected around 25 people to show up No one showed up. No one. ??

Peanut stuck in my lung (say it fast) pneumonia for two years

unbelievable but true... I am a Psychic Medium and I communicate with spirits

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