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TEXT TOPIC: Have you been arrested?

I was arrested 6 or 7 times and put in jail for not paying traffic fines. Only Davis county has space for that BS! Pay your traffic fines in Davis county!

I was in prison back in 2005. Did 7 years. Burglary. I remember writing you guys a letter from prison. You guys did lockdown love. Do you remember?--- my family knows but no one else. I've been clean and sober since then. Doing great.

underage drinking a month before 21 and my whole family knows because I was arrested with my cousins

I was arrested nine times in one year. Sent to prison twice. Finally successfully completed parole in November.---Drugs, they ruined my life! Now my life is together and going great.

i was arrested once from a warrant.i assaulted some1&they didnt press charges so i thought i dnt need2go court so1night i got pulldovr4light out

Did 30 days for a DWOP in Idaho. Unpaid tickets, warrant for my arrest. Back in 1995 only people from my past know no one currently knows

im a lady, i was 25. & it was 4 months aftr the assault & it was an xbf on the night we broke up

got super drunk with my college teammates and threw 2 whiskey sours in my ex boyfriends new girlfriends face at a bar in TX. I got arrested shortly after.

arrested @17 underage drinking, mid sexual activity. Dads a cop didn't go to jail. But had him called at 2 am

my friends got arrested at the BDX on base because they were trying on ski masks but the store thought they were shoplifting.

got a DWI a week and a half before my 22nd birthday booked on a Friday night and my family wouldn't bail me out until Sunday afternoon so I definitely got put into population, the other females seem to like me though LOL

1992 17 yrs old. Attempted criminal homicide possession of a firearm by a minor, possession of a concealed weapon. Not many know cuz I was a juvenile

7 years ago, right after my 23rd birthday, I was on my way home from the gym in Holladay when I got pulled over. My plates were expired, but come to find out, I had 3 warrants for minor traffic tickets I missed payments on. The cop arrested me and I started SOBBING! "Pllllease, please! I'm a good kid, I don't belong in jail."

went to jail in 1994, they thought I was part of a theft ring. Released after 5 days. They called me Barbie ?? had a high bail so they thought I was a bad girl. I was soooo not LOL. They were mean to cry babies.

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