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TEXT TOPIC: A Friend or Family member that expects money from you?

My husband's ex buys alcohol for all their underage kids... every time they get arrested SHE expects us to bail them out.

basically all of my siblings! My dad pays for everything from divorces to their rent to cars! He's 73 and I don't know when he'll be able to retire

Bro-in-law feels entitled, yet his siblings don't. They weren't raised that way. He thought his parents should pay for his college. He ended up failing out of school.

Hubbys mom expects lavish gifts for her birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas. She threw a fit when we only bought her a Pandora charm she wanted for Christmas...lady those things cost around $75 each!

my brother and sister use our grandparents for everything! My brother drops his laundry off and tells our grandma call me when it's done and always borrowing money. My sister gets rent and car paid for

Both of my uncles. Neither of them work because they both feel they are more intelligent than any of their supervisors. Both live off my Grandfather. They live in his house is, he pays all of their bills, and theythey are both in their 60's and haven't worked in decades. use his credit card for food, gas, etc.

everyone takes money from mil U won't get a compliment a hug a nice word a good meal or anything Motherly from her and the only thing she has is money so all the kids take the money because that's the only thing their mom is willing to give them

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