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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive text?

The fact that you asked me to pay for dinner after everything I've done for you Over the last five months is absolutely ridiculous. Good riddance Brad

you can't be a parent and let your kid walk all over you why do I always have to be the bad guy when you say bed time and they don't go and you just ignore them that doesn't help your their parent not their friend get over they will be mad at you sometimes

MIL since 3 of your 4 adult kids in their 30s live at home and the one I'm married to doesn't get the concept of cleaning, stop trying to tell me how to raise my son. If I need advice I'll ask.

hey sis Im glad you didn't feel OK enough to take a 1hr flight to SLC 4 xmas because of covid but OK to go to Florida with your cheating ex bf

I love how you turn every situation around. I am the one who is hurt. I am finally sticking up for myself and now you are upset?! Grow up. Go to therapy

to the lady in the black GMC thanks for cutting me the hell off. I know my car is small but I'm still here. You don't own the road.

Pick up after yourself, stop making everyone late and stop chatting on the cell phone when others are around

Stop being so cheap. I will never travel with you again. You have money. you can’t take it with u dude.

dear boss, STOP stealing my commission. It's a big part of my paycheck and you need to be the manager not the leasing agent

you can't guilt me in to coming back. I'm happier without you and beaming brighter than ever.

dear people coming into the pharmacy, please keep your mask on. We really can hear threw them. And don't yell at the 20 min wait or i will make it an hour!

Frankie I had the same situation Saturday. I realized I parked in a takeout spot at Texas roadhouse so go to repark. I'm backing out and this guy walks directly behind my car, like I almost killed the dude. Then I go around the corner to look for a new spot, same guy walks right in front of me. Go to a spot, it is pull through, him and now a gaggle of kids behind him walk through the spot so I have to wait to pull through. Then I saw him in the restaurant! I thought I was going nuts!

hey lady who does my moms hair. Mom is 83 and has already undergone open heart surgery. She missed holiday celebrations with her kids and grandkids to stay safe from Covid. How dare you not wear a mask while doing her hair? Have you no concern for my moms health. I promise next time Ill call the health department.

dear lady who called my 16 year old employee an a hole... we remade your order, and I'm not giving you a coupon because we were being slow. We were busy and you don't cuss out my employees.

everyone is sick of the masks- if you don't want to wear one, fine. Stay home! A man yelled at me at the post office for looking at him for yelling about not wearing a mask. Everyone else was wearing one. Then he apologized- freaking crazy pants

I love how you post on FB I'm withholding ur kids when you R refusing to take them on your time that back child support, ut allows collection agencies to get

I have a doctors note, masks cause me to do a breathing treatment at home. So don't get after me for wearing a bandana.

if I don't wear my mask that's my prerogative. If you're afraid of this pandemic then wear yours. It's supposed to protect you from me, right?

just moved to tooele I swear that half the county Thinks that it's a hoax Because a lot of people don't wear a mask

hey nail lady, stop gossiping about every client! We hear you!! Zip it!!

to my mother in law, you can only claim a stroke so many times before people do not believe you.

don't complain about not having any work to do but when I tell you where you can find some work you complain about having to help out that team. Beggars can't be choosers

hey you aren't an MD stop giving your medical opinion!

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