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TEXT TOPIC: Did you turn in a family member for something shady?

I called 911 on my dad for beating my mom. He was choking her to death. I was around 11 yrs old. I couldn't take it anymore. Called the cops and they arrested him.

my mom and step dad committed insurance fraud. They created fake receipts of items that's supposedly were stolen with the vehicle. When they got caught they claimed I made them these receipts thinking they would get less punishment if it was split 3 ways (I owned a small business at the time in a different state, had nothing to do with this mess) also I was a single mom at the time, totally screwed me, I snitched on them so quick.Yeah we don't talk anymore.

turned my son in for narcotics abuse. Tried to kill himself. 2day he's 4 yrs clean & sober is a huge advocate for recovery and truly inspires me

my cousin came over to my grandparents higher than a kite. Called the cops on him and they found a lot of hard core drugs. My poor grandma was petrified.

I turned my sister-in-law in to cps for letting her under aged daughters (my niece) boyfriend live with them. She was 15. Now my niece has 3 kids and two baby daddy's. She's a complete and utter mess.

A nephew sexually abused my son. Pressed charges so fast. Family is mad we "ruined his life"

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