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TEXT TOPIC: You have a ridiculous amount of what?

ridiculous amount of shoes. I have over 200 pair of shoes

Shoes... 984 pairs and counting

over 150 watches

To-Date I own 303 pairs of shoes. Ariana knows what she's talkin' about...happiness really is the same price as red-bottoms

own to many clothes, shoes and blankets

Monopoly games 32+ different versions

A lot of stuffed animals... their just so cute!!!

have a ridiculous amount of yard working tools my lawn is dead weeds are growing so I obviously don't use them but for some reason I have bundles and shed full of yard tools

ridiculous amount of Harry Potter books. I'm a sucker for them! Every new edition, I have to buy them.

musical instruments that no one plays.

bath and body works candles. It's a problem

WATER BOTTLES! it's an obsession. I see a cute one, have to buy it.

own a ridiculous amount of Funko Pops over 200 figures from Funko

own a ridiculous amount of RayBans! Including 8 custom ones. It's a problem. Worse than Jessica's Barbie problem. Lol! I have 32 pair!

ridiculous amount of Clorox wipes

Earrings! I have at least 50 pairs.

ridiculous amount of leggings, sports bras and yarn

Wildflowers from bath and body

Bath and Bodyworks candles! I currently have a 55 in my closet at home.

have a ridiculous amount of clothes in my house, I literally can't wash them all because if I do I have no where to put them. Literally mountains of clothes in organized piles

have a ton of Barbie Hallmark Ornaments. My mom started giving them to me on Christmas when I was around 5. I have at least 25.

nba jerseys galore

have too many measuring cups. My cabinet is full. I don't know why I need so many.

own over 10 graphing calculators. And 30 other calculators.

too many protein shakers, I have about 10

blankets.... I will never say no to blankets. The hubby tries to tell me no but the best ones have come from him.

my grandma had over 350 clocks

Soccer cleats. I see a pair I have to buy them

We have over 25 boxes of Christmas decorations. And we use about 4 or 5 of them. Wife still buys new stuff every year.

ridiculous amount of coffee mugs - my husband periodically has me go through them when I bring more home. Not sorry!

ridiculous amount of scentsy. Warmers, pluggins and scent bars. I used to sell it and stock up every order I made. Found tons more when we moved.

love Audi right now I have 6 of them but the last 4 years I have had 45-55 of them. Buy them drive them few month then sell them

Blankets too

mini bottles I have offer 5000 unopened mini bottles I have been collecting since I was 19

clothes, shoes and make up, husband says I'm a hoarder

have too many bras. Two boobies don't matter, I need all the cute bras!!!

rubber duckies every time we go to Winco there's a claw machine that you can win rubber duckies

have a ton of masks. I collect masks and hang them on my walls for decorating.

flashlights! My boyfriend is oddly obsessed with flashlights. They are everywhere and it drives me insane!

My brother has a room full of hot wheels on the wall from celing to floor displayed throughout the room and closet

have a lot of paper. Any type of paper you can think of. I save scraps of paper from anything I get in the mail that is blank.

ton of bath and both works. I filled a whole hanging shoe organizer and each holder holds 2-3 items

ungodly amount of body spray I have over 300 idk why but anytime bath and body work has that dang sale I go even tho I don't need to

Pampered Chef. I have everything I purchased before I decided to sell and now I have that and everything I have earned. Need a larger kitchen.

own a ridiculous amount of workout leggings and pajamas!

Lipsticks! Shoes, purses!!

paper bag. Any shopping bags that I get

I probably have over 100 shades of red lipstick. LOVE IT!

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