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TEXT TOPIC: What did you say when you were coming out of sedation?

mom has a video of me from 2018 with the oxygen monitor on my finger singing baby shark and swimming my finger around in front of me. I thought the oxygen monitor looked like a shark so I was singing to it.

Coming out of a colonoscopy, I flipped my best friend off. When she asked why, I told her I meant to sign "I love you"

When I had my wisdom teeth taken out, apparently I told the doctor "Thank you". I was out of it and don't remember that.

my husband was texting his boss. An assistant came a told me about it and I'm like text your mom, she can't fire you

Came out of a colonoscopy talking about jalapeo poppers and how they need to dip them in apricot jam. I also talked about mozzarella sticks.

got my wisdom teeth removed and as I came to I remember saying "Kate Upton has the biggest warlocks"

after getting my wisdom teeth out I sang don't stop believing to the dentist office and then asked where my boyfriend Adam Levine was

had surgery to remove my gallbladder a month postpartum. I told the nurse "why does my baby look like his dad. I grew him it's not fair." 3 months later I cringe thinking about it.

when I woke up after having my first daughter, I told my husband at least you know I didn't cheat because she looks just like you and then I asked if her feet had arches. Everyone in the room lost it they laugh so hard. I would never cheat ha ha.

woke up from reduction surgery and was convinced they forgot to put my nipples back on because they wanted to use them as pepperoni. My mom took a video

I was coming out of sedation and I kept saying I wanted to have s** and go out with all the nurses in front of my wife

Was restrained cuz I smacked a male nurse in the face, thinking he was a hologram. Then ripped room apart looking for a bomb I thought he had hid

after getting my gallbladder out, apparently I woke up singing "I believe in Christ". Saying that over and over again at the top of my lungs.

when I was coming out of having my tonsils removed I was so combative and flailing around I had to be tied down to the gurney. The I.V. had come out of my hand and my wrist was like 3 times the size it should've been! ????????????

i was flirting with my female doctor, btw I'm female and married to a man.

My wife was coming out of surgery she told all the nurses that I was well endowed. When I came into the room she shouted there's big dick Chris. All the nurses just smiled and I was embarrassed.

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