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TEXT TOPIC: You know you are an adult when you are excited about what?

As an adult, excited about museums

u know u r an adult when u get excited to go to bed! ??

you know you're an adult when you get excited about gas prices going down

I know I'm an adult when I get excited about going to bed at 9pm...unless I accidentally stumble across some cool show, then it's midnight and I'm bummed.

bedtime!!! Love me some sleep.

$5 for 20 meat sale at harmon’s

get excited when I save money on gas for my truck. I have a 33 gallon tank

got so freaking excited about my new bathroom faucet and my backyard fence

we are currently building up our emergency food supply, super excited!

got a pampered Chef quick cooker brand new for $5 and I about died!

excited about a nap

we got a shark robot iq oh my god total adult moment. I was soo excited and only have to sweep once a month not

get excited about having a clean house ,where or when I was young I hated cleaning.

when you get a new vacuum

exited about my Christmas present! A carport casebook do the birds can't crap on my car. So not embarrassed to drive my car around town.

you know you're an adult when you get excited about getting a new garage door

Got a new organizer for the Keurigs Kcups fancy schmancy design on the sides-got the hardwater spots off the shower door FINALLY! LOL

hubs and I got a new lifetime shed and Ninja toaster oven. Eekk! Soo excited to have a place for all our garage crap!

when you get excited when you get new appliances/furniture.

When you're blood results come back normal haha

You know you're an adult when you get excited about a basket of cleaning supplies for Christmas

Super excited when I bought a food storage shelf for my laundry/storage room. Organized cans makes me happy. Also, new vacuum a few years ago. YAY!!!

When I finally bought myself a Shark vacuum!

knew I was An adult when I get excited about grocery shopping and I get to refill the pantry and it's organized

you know you're an adult when you get excited for a new air fryer

I'm super excited there is a Sherwin Williams going in close to my house. It gives me a good excuse to just stop in.

I'm 28 I got excited when I saw the Triple Action joint health pills on sale at Costco

Making good time on a road trip and my freshly mowed/edged lawn.

finding new cleaning supplies you love!

my pampered chef pan was under lifetime warranty and I am excited for my new replacement pan!!

get excited about staying in on a Friday and Saturday night instead of going out partying! Lol

got my first business card at work!!

remember the moment I was an adult when I got excited for getting new pots and pans

new toilet seats and sod in the front yard. ;)

having extra money to save

you know you're an adult when you get a paper shredder as a gift and are excited about it haha!

Jess, this is Angie and I love my rug! Lol

got excited for buying a new handheld steamer to clean and sanitize my house

replacing my butt ugly kitchen light. So excited!

the real excitement comes when they can WIPE THEIR OWN BUTTS haha

my favorite is new sheets and pillows

when you get excited the kitchen is clean when you get home from work.

excited any time I go to Home Depot!

new grout in the shower. Looks like new again.

building a new house!!!!

look forward to getting in my pjs and going to bed by nine!

I'm excited about my new Dyson vacuum v11.

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