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TEXT TOPIC: Did you blow it when meeting a celebrity?

met Nick Carter from BSB he called me beautiful I said gibberish and bawled. I look like a chipmunk with 6 chins in the picture.

i met Adam Lambert at the American Idol concert in SLC when he signed my shirt I asked him to marry me

my friends and I stalked Antonio Banderas during Sundance. We didn't introduce ourselves or say anything. We just awkwardly followed him around giggling

when I met Jesse McCartney for the first time, he said get in close for a pic and all I said was oh boy.

had a chance to meet the Jonas brothers before their show in 2019. I literally couldn't think of anything to say except "I love your wife." To Joe Jonas.

I used to be unhealthily obsessed w Demi Lovato when I met her she said she liked my jacket and all I said was "I like you"

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