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TEXT TOPIC: What package did you just get or waiting for?

I receive packages twice weekly I buy a lot of vintage rock vinyls

I received 3 packages yesterday of lotions and face masks, I'm getting a package with lashes today and dr martens Saturday.

Humidifiers and a guitar.

Walkman radio, apple cider vinegar gummies, a wig

Well, just ordered a new toy. For my spouse and I.

just ordered yesterday a north face fuse box. It's a dope backpack and I'll be getting it maybe next week.

feel like such an adult, I just ordered a REALLY nice new shark vacuum, and I'm pumped.

Made my first Ambien purchase. Got a surprise package with a Hall and Oats vinyl record , Turkish towels and a pride flag...

I am OBSESSED with Amazon. I follow a group on fb that tells me deals on it and I can't stop buying. During Xmas weeks, package every day!

I'm waiting on my new Nikes and I got my son Batman converse

TikTok made me buy a mini waffle maker. It should be delivered today!!!

got a Roomba and a double oven I'm loving both.

mitten clips so my toddlers glove are always attached to her coat

waiting on a package of bleach pens I ordered before Christmas LOL. They have been delayed twice now by Amazon.

I'm waiting for a book to be delivered today for our flight on Friday

On my birthday I traded in my car and bought a big girl truck, so I'm waiting for new car window vinyls

waiting on my l'ange dual purpose air styler (flat iron/ curling iron all in one with cooling)

frm amazon im waiting for caribbean islands wall calendar and dvd joseph and amazing technicolor dream coat starring donny Osmond

dog bones, case of Monsters, & Vans. ??

got not 1 but 2 free boxes of crumble Cookies. They got sent to the wrong address twice.

waiting in Unico protein powder... it's the best!

on October 30th I ordered my son a Formula 1 racing sweatshirt. Still waiting for it. Coming from the UK, must be growing the cotton before they make it!

waiting for lingerie for my upcoming wedding

waiting on baby clothes from Carter's and sourdough bread bowls from Boudin in San Francisco

Waiting on my linkin park hybrid theory 20th anniversary hoodie

waiting on my LTD EC1000 guitar to show up

waiting for a whole house humidifier. My house is so dry and the static electricity freaks Cowboy (my cat) out, I shock him every time I pet him.

waiting on bar stools! Delivering today. So excited!!

Waiting on my dogs new Snoozer Pet Car seat. So excited!

Nugget Comfort Is finally on its way!! ordered back in November 2020 have been trying to get one since August 2019

My roommate gets a package or 2 a week of transformers toys. He's 28 lol

Waiting on my wheels for my Tesla. Ordered on thanksgiving.

waiting for a new GPU, RTX 3090. Paid way too much and scared something is going to happen to it

have an Amazon package like every other day. Yesterday was new/different sewing foot for my sewing machine.

bunny litter, bunny food, bunny water heater, bunny toys, bunny bed, bunny potty pads

My Verb bars! They are amazing pick me ups!!

im waiting for a holiday cosmetic mystery box i got for my bday on 17th

I'm a cosplayer! I always have a wig, cosplay, or prop coming weekly. Gotta keep those insta followers ;)

Waiting on our couch that we bought ourselves for Christmas on Black Friday. $3000 later and we're still waiting LOL

just received a new barn door for my closet.

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