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TEXT TOPIC: Happy Passive Agressive Tuesday! What is your PAT text?

don't teach me how to do something and then get mad because it's not how you wanted it done. That's how you freaking taught me.

you are a 32 year old man how hard is it to just not lie holy poop grow up idk why I have to get the truth out of you about stupid stuff---he just lies bout stupid stuff like that he fed the dogs that he watered the plants if you didn't don just say it

hey dude! Just so you know, people from one town all don't think with the same mind. And being called a liberal feminist is not an insult!

stop saying you wish we could hang out more when your the one that has an excuse anytime I invite you

to the guy that honked at me this morning. The lane ended and there was nothing I could do... enjoy your view of my middle finger

for the sake of myself and others please turn off your high beams !!!!

Hey mother-in-law lay off the drugs because no one's bug in your house and no one is out to get you

you thought making a strict travel policy would make people not travel, now those that didn't travel are tired/over worked because you can't tell people no

if I ask U 2 go up the side of the sledding hill and not the middle don't B a jerk and say "where are the sides, the whole mountain is a sledding hill".

babe you need to tell the ex she isn't welcome anymore I dealt with one crazy ex I don't need another

stop brighting me people! It's a new car and my brights aren't on! You will know when they are trust me!

parents who drop of your kids quit driving like an idiot's and remember the rules of driving

dear X husband. You thought holding child support would hurt me and make me come back. Ha jokes on you I still don't need you!!

Dear jobless 30 yr old BIL who lives at home, let me know when you've had kids. Then you can judge me on how often I travel with toddler twins.

don't preach taking PTO then deny it when I ask. Especially after I worked through leaving a 7 yr abusive relationship, and being homeless.

PAT Guys, stop leading people on! If you are not interested, just say so!

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