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TEXT TOPIC: What is messing with you as you age?

I sit... but I have to bend so far over that I'm damn near missing the ground. I feel like my parts were created too far back.

I'm 27 and my body always had something going on, I was an athlete growing up and I already know when I'm older I'm in trouble

I'm starting to get gray hair on my goatee it makes me feel old seeing that on the hair of my chin

Alisa here. I turned 52 in September and I'm PISSED that my neck is starting to look old. I angle my neck on zoom calls so I can't see it! Lol!

I'm the oldest of 16 grandkids so seeing them grow up into adulthood makes me feel old! Haha I'll be 27 soon!

Everything gives me heartburn, also constant knee pain. I'm only 28!! When does it get better??

my mind is playing with me! Turning 40 at the end of the month and I'm hating it, always saw 40 so far away

I'm turning 40 this summer. Need I say more? It's tripping me out.

boobs are already sagging. I'm not even 30. ??

I'm 54 and I have a cataract in my good eye

the hangovers are hell on earth now

the grunt. Bend down? Grunt, stand up? Grunt, pick up anything? Grunt

it really erks me when someone that does a service on me is clearly much younger than me. And a doctor younger than me- oh forget about it. I'm only 30!

I will be 50 in March as well and I relate to ALL the things Franky is saying.

I'm 34 now. I swear after I turned 30, I woke up one day looked in the mirror and my butt had deflated over night!! I was like... WHAT HAPPENED!!!?? Sad

I've always taken care of my skin but I'm getting age spots. Got my first with my 2 yr old at 34

Age is a number. Numbers are math. Math is stupid. Enough said?

Stretching. I never used to stretch and let me tell you! I cant afford to not stretch now. The ole muscles need some love now that I'm older

turning 42 in april and I have heart problems and I am getting an ablation this month and had a heart attack at 40

the mid section softness

when I was a teenager the Prince song came out Party Like It's 1999 when I heard that I said who in the hell is going to live that long?

turned 40 last April. Eyes suck, back sucks, knees suck, and gray hairs multiplied. Blah. PS Jess, glasses make a HUGE diff at night. Believe me.

The grey in my beard is really messing with me,, and i shave my head so im not used to having grey hair,,, so ive been putting just for men in my beard lol

have a hard time watching college sports and sometimes pro, they're so young

When you're watching the bachelor and realizing you're older than every contestant. I used to be younger! What the hell!

getting older.... my hands! I'm 50, my hands look like an 80 year old woman's hands! Especially during COVID with the constant hand washing!

I'll be 52 in July. Neck issues. Eye issues. Need to stretch before using the bathroom in order to wipe right.

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