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TEXT TOPIC: Cringe worthy social posts from your past?

Five years ago..."Happy Smurf Day!!!" I'm a 49 yr old guy with no recollection of this whatsoever!

I had posts about a broken engagement. DELETED!!!!

This popped up yesterday on my timeline, but didn't see when I posted it "My eye are burning" I have no idea haha

Pics from when I was addicted to heroin. I've been clean for 8 years..

All of the random quotes about love when I was like 13. One in particular I posted keep your head, heels and standards high.. gag me

Posted a pic of my UGLY toes after I got a pedicure over 10 yrs ago. It wasn't even a cute nail painting either. SMH So mortifying.

One came up today "I am the worst person. I hope she knows I'm sorry and can forgive me." so dramatic & I probably haven't talked to that person in years.

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