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TEXT TOPIC: What changes will you be implementing in this new year?

I'm going to write down one positive about each day

I'm gonna try to work less and spend time with my newly pregnant wife

This year I am going to lose 60 pounds. last year I lost 60 am going to match it again this year

be better at flossing consistently and more aware when spending money

also find a way to be better than I was the day before (more patience with kids, less screen time, or just eat better)

my resolution is to do less. Not to feel obligated to do everything for everyone else

It's mommas year. I love my babies but this year I'm making me and my mental health a priority.

this years change is going to be better at spending more time with my son. He's growing so fast.

lose 20lbs by waking up early and playing Just Dance with my daughter before getting ready for school and portion control.

biggest change is I'm going to work for myself. I'm done working for other people. And I'm going to purchase my first multi-unit property.

stay off coke I live and die by the coke! Water just has no flavor but I need to stop

give a genuine compliment to someone everyday. We need more positivity in the world and to be kind to each other

I'm going to focus on healing this year. Mental health is so important.

played 7 years of college/semi pro soccer player. Daughter is 3 and im ready to get back into shape

we are selling our business and focusing on our family.

bought an elliptical to get back into shape after taking an office job

this is the year to get my ducks in a row, so I can separate from my spouse! Can't live like this anymore!

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