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TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday Texts!

Thanks lady In the self checkout line with two full carts, making me wait 10 minutes to check out 3 items

teachers and parents let's stop blaming each other for students lack of success right now. When it comes down to it students just have to do the work!

STOP BUYING WEED and maybe you could pay your bills on time! I'm your roommate not your mother. I can't afford to pay your rent too!

To my crabby teenager I'm not just here to feed you and house you. You're not a cat maybe treat me with a little respect

To the person driving a gray suburban, your supposed to stop on red lights! You almost hit a student yesterday right in front of Hunter high!

Seriously Brad I spoil you for Christmas and you can't get me one Christmas present. Fuck you

The main 4 of us really love working day in and day out all hours just run your business when you guys can and show up until noon and stay for 2 hours

When driving, pull into the turn lane THEN slow down. Don't slow down in the lane where I'm going 50 when you have a long turn lane!

Accept your freaking actions Joseph it takes two to tango you wouldn't let me go grow the eff up boy

I am ready for construction on 5600 W. to be done. Plus the train always passing and stopping at inconvenient times!

You kicked me and our daughter out. Stop blowing up my phone with apologies when I find a place to live. I am not coming back.

Why is it my responsibility to apologize for what they did to me? They need to step up, not me. Stop putting on me to fix it when they broke it.

Hubby I love you so much but I love you a lot less at 2 AM when I'm up with the baby again & you're asleep. Wake up with him. We both work & he's on formula

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