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TEXT TOPIC: The Most Ridiculous Thing You've Cried Over

over the break I suggested that we make chocolate chip cookies. Husband said no. I lost it.

I always cry when Christmas is over. The post holiday blues are a REAL thing!

just dropped my dog off to get neutered and cried like a baby. So dumb.

I cried when I watched the highlight reel of all the countries counting down the new year! No idea why just did ;)

I'm crying today as I drop off my 2 month old to day care so I can go back to work.

over the weekend I bought some chips I was craving and when we got home I realized they were open I cried like a baby

I cried when my mom-in-law moved in with us this weekend

we watched Star Wars over holidays and I cried when annakin killed the sand people in #2. I've watched these movies so often you'd think I'd be used to it.

jelly jar fell out of the fridge made me cry. Why? IDK the fridge being so messy got to me

I cried when Chick Fil A forgot my sauce.

Cried in Wonder Woman 84!!

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