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TEXT TOPIC: When your kid tells you something brutally honest?

Told my 4yo niece I could do cartwheels. She looked me up & down & said "But you're fat." My sis was mortified! Lol

What are your teeth so yellow?

my 2 year old looked at me as I was getting in the shower and said " oh my gosh, you're big"

My 35th bday my 5 yr old came into our bedroom and said 'happy birthday, Dad, one day closer to death.'

A little girl at daughters daycare, "Today I go with my dada. His new girlfriend is WAY prettier than my mom, wish my mom was that pretty."

told 4 yr old grandson "ur cute" he said I'm not cute only cute one is other grandma I said what about me? He said Ehh ur ok

friends kid drew a pic of me, handed it to me and says "look I even drew your beard" I'm a female w/PCOS. Started laser hair removal shortly after.

my 3 year old said "mommy your legs have hair all over them just like grandmas!"

My nephew told me one time umm you're not fat but you're a little fat

My 4 year old son he like to snuggle with me more than mom because my tummy is a lot softer

Years ago at church my brother stood up and said, I hate Jesus and I hate church! Needless to say my mom was mortified.

Talking to my 12 yr old & hes staring above me. Im like dude, what you looking at? Theres so many grey hairs. I never noticed before. Im aware Ouch dude...

7 year old boy I taught in church poked my stomach and said, "Have you ever exercised one day of your life?"

my nephew probably 5 or 6 Ask for a second scoop of ice cream because "I want to have a big belly like mama" she was mortified, struggled with weight loss

my boy asked why I have three bellies. Because of you three little stinks! Don't ask because I'm going to tell you.

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