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TEXT TOPIC: Who is known for sharing TMI?

A ex-coworker. She told everyone who she slept with, all the std she had, and then claim we re spreading rumors

Author Bella Forrest amazing writer

When I start a relationship I tell myself to give it my all so if it doesn't workout I have no regrets. Don't blame myself

I work in a dental office and will often sit in the room and chat with patients while they get numb. It's amazing the personal stuff some people pour out.

My first day at my new job, a coworker told me about her son in prison, her divorce, her husband cheating, and how they hadn't been intimate in a year.

I am loving the French kiss life podcast! Inspiring you to live artfully and well, master life coach has helped me live my best life.

That's awesome. I say I'm overly honest and open. I don't give AF

I listen to y'all till 10 am everyday then the rest of the work day I listen to Crime Junkie and Morbid. The BEST true crime podcasts on Iheartradio!

Six sisters deli and grille out in eagle mountain SO GOOD! The garlic wings! The holiday sandwich!

Claim your power by Martin kipp. 40 day journey to dissolve the hidden blocks that keep you stuck. Life changer

Tupac died September 13 1996

A Maverik clerk asked how's it goin? I said good and you... he goes off into a 5 min description of his bad day... Jeez sorry I asked/answered!

First date after meeting at a bar. She tells me she had a stillborn in her bathtub and sat in the tub with it for 4 hours.

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