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TEXT TOPIC: What's On Your Radar?

OMR just finished on audible "Born a Sin" by Trevor Noah. I love the dude and had no idea that he grew up in South Africa and his story is unfathomable!

I'm a little late but listen to Green Lights read by Mathew McConaughey

Book a second chance for eve. It's a great read Author Nathan Galvin

money heist on Netflix. Amazing!

The Office Ladies podcast. If you're a fan of the TV show "The Office" you have to check this podcast out. It's Pam and Angela breaking down every episode

: being a decent human being and respecting people's views, opinions, beliefs etc. Its amazing!! Everyone should try it ;)

This Japanese place in WVC called Tonkotsu Shabu Shabu. Amazing experience, food and helpful manager named Kevin for all the noobies

Static nails. New and improved press ons.

frontline Bountiful super cute cAr dealer with drinks games and cheapest cars love everything about it

FYI, research the horrible horrible things that have happened to women due to Monat hair care before you even think of using it... It's bad...

On my radar: 1. Ear Hustle: Life in San Quintin Prison. 5 Stars!! 2. Cold: Susan Powell Investigation. 3.5 - 4 Stars

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout

Rejuvenique Oil from Monat! Literally liquid gold. I can get you discounts on IG @kick.ash

also my hubs said what the hell when we spent that kind of money on blankets because we bought 4!!!! Hahaha. So good! So excited!!

on my radar right now is a paranormal podcast called "real ghost stories online"I get spooky all year long!

Morelias is on my radar! Highly recommended Mexican!!! A-Aron

La Casa Del Tamal" you need to try their birria tacos

The Book of M by Peng Shepherd. Such a twist ending!!

carolee beck. She's a local music artist with a few originals on spotify and a bunch of covers on youtube

The book Midnight Sun, by Stephanie Meyer. A Twilight book, written from Edward's perspective. Loving it!

Tehran on Apple TV

fyi you cant get everything wrapped on Amzn. I purchased a gift &actually added a note, it didnt have the option to be wrapped & they didnt include the note

I created a streetwear brand! It is called RedMoon, we just started so we are small! We only have 18 shirts left. You can message me on IG @fro_creation

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