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TEXT TOPIC: Which celeb do you think you could be good friends with?


Post Malone, he seems like he has a goofy personality and I definitely think we'd be buds, not attracted to him at all

celebrity friends - I think if I could be become friends with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, we'd be an amazing trio!

I could be tight with Post Malone.

I think if Rob Dyedek ever met my husband they'd be instant besties.

I think Pitbull would be a cool dude to have as a friend. We could travel the world on a yacht and chill with beautiful women.

Frankie I think you and my husband would be really good friends.

Kathy Bates. I just love her so much. We have so much in common...other than she's 33 years older than me.

I think I would be great friends with Jess. You're hilarious and so cool. Also Chris Pratt. We both have that goofy fun humor and he's hot.

You Jessica! I always if I could just meet her we would total hit it off and be BFF's!

I would be friends with Mina from HGTV's Good Bones

Lin Manuel Miranda who wrote Hamilton. He is just so positive

jenna Fischer (Pam Beasley) Angela kinsey (Angela martin) from the office! Nonstop laughing

Kristin Wiig Kevin hart aaaand that blonde chick from snl. Tiffany haddish would be cool to be around but I think her in small doses is best lol. P

Connan o Brian. He's older than me and the opposite sex but I feel like it would be great friends. Low key grade crush

jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey from the office. I listen to their podcast and they just seem so fun

post malon I am a 57 year old grandma of 12 and I love him. Get teased all the time.

My son & Justin Bieber. They even look alike! I told my son he should reach out and offer to be a decoy double for Justin

Kristen Bell!! She is real and down to earth.


my husband new bestie would be either Chad Kroeger or Blake Shelton. Mine ... Pink/Cher/Leah Remini

Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory. She seems just as sweet/free spirited in life as her character and she's a big advocate for shelter/rescue animals.

want to be best friends with Kelly Clarkson. She is so down to earth and apparently we look alike. She seems really grea

I'm a female but I'd be best friends with Ryan Reynolds. We have the same sense of humor

I'd want to be besties with Seth Rogan!

I feel like I could be friends with Anna Kendrick, and would love to hang with her

Melissa McCarthy

Kelly Clarkson. She's real & down to earth. Would also love to sing a duet with her!

I could easily be friends with jj watt. That dude is as real as they come.

my husband = Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons

MILA KUNIS for sure!! I get mistaken for her all the time! She would be a blast!

INA GARTEN!!!! Love Ina

Adam DeVine!!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, we can crack jokes and work out all day

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