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TEXT TOPIC: How many meetings do you have a day?

work as a business analyst and I have 5-7 per day

hubby averages 6 meeting a day every weekday.

4-5 per day

average 6-8 virtual meetings a day. Sucks!

I'm guaranteed two team meetings a day.

depends on the day but average 8-9/day. This week I have 36

on a busy week I average 45 to 50 meetings

work for a software company based in SF, average 7-9 meetings a day.

meetings on average 6-8 a day too many.

minimum 5 meetings a day at various lengths. I work for 3 tiny tyrants, the meetings are intense

My team meets every morning to say what we're grateful for. I love it. Plus twice a week to go over numbers

I'm lucky to have just one meeting every Friday

10 to 15 meeting a day ranging from 6am to 5pm.

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