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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

TIP YOUR DOORDASH DRIVERS!! Can't even believe this needs to be said. I'm out here risking my health and using my gas and 60% or more of people tip $0!

PAT: Hey, Mother Nature. How 'bout some snow for December! Papa needs to get my snowboard on! Makes it feel more Christmas-ee too!

the Facebook family group page is not the only way to communicate with family!

really? You date me for 4+ months and still can't decide whether you want anything more with me? You should know by now! Don't waste my time

as my boss, don't belittle me then tell me u are here for me if I need to talk about things I'm struggling with

to my cheated on need to understand that I won't be able to forgive you as soon as you'd's going to take some time

Tip your movers also people LOL we handle all of your personal belongings

got a job 2 help improve our finances, don't b upset that it means u will now have 2 watch ur kids while I'm @work, like I have 4 14yrs!

To all the people out there that don't clean the ice off your windshield. Clean off your damn windshield before you start driving

hey friend can you be a little nice and treat everyone like a human. I don't want to go places with you when you act like you're better than everyone

Mr. Customer please be honest and straight with me. Are you going to sign or are you going to keep wasting my time?

the longer you wait to ship your package does mean it is going to cost more.

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