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TEXT TOPIC: What bathroom injury almost killed you?

my husband used his straight razor in the shower to shave his arms Huge cut, bled everywhere and blacked out in the shower. Had 2 drag him out

My 4 yr old- pants around ankles running to go potty at home, and fell on tile, broke his arm hitting it on the toilet seat.

I wiped too fast with toilet paper and got multiple paper cuts on my vag. Put Neosporin down there for a week.

Not an injury but sitting down and getting a cramp in your hamstring you really have to choose what you're focusing on potty or relaxing your muscle

getting out of the shower and the floor was wet so the mat slipped out from under me and caused me to fall against the tub.. really hurt haha

my best friend yanked out her tampon and it hurt so bad, she passed out and woke up On the floor with a chipped tooth.

fell in the shower and hit my face on the toilet bowl. Black and swollen for a week

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