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TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something Good!! What is your something good?

Good news! I'm up early enough to hear the start of your show. It's the first day of my new job at IMC! YAY!

after lots of work and disappointment, I finally secured a PS5!!!

start my new job today and my manuscript was just accepted by a New York Publishing company!--My book will be called Shattered Lives, why women stay... about domestic violence from personal experience along with others stories.

after 8 weeks in hosp. (4 in MedICU)y dad is finally in a rehab center. Covid hit him hard but one step closer to going home to be with my mom.

Been dating a guy for almost 4 months, finally made it official on Saturday! Also, tomorrow is my birthday! 38, here I come.

I graduate from college in 9 days!!

after 6 months of working my butt off i finally got promoted to manager of my store this month!

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