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TEXT TOPIC: Ever get a visit from The Feds? How did that go?

met with the feds because I was involved in a bank robbery... super scary experience

Child internet crimes shows up.. my 15yr old son posted a butt pic online! He learned a lesson

came home to feds talking to my mom because my dad had hired someone to kill my mom

There was an anthrax scare at work last week and fbi, cops and haz mat came. Took 3 hours. It was sugar.

my old company got raided by the FBI because we were doing insurance fraud for elderly patients with diabetic supplies.

hubs friend works for US customs. We get a visit from fbi every 5 yrs to vouch for his security clearance--1st time fbi came it scared us.

Grandpa was investigated by CIA at 10. Put a spike on tracks, train was heading to Hill during Korea.

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