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TEXT TOPIC: What passion has stuck with your kid?

No clue why he likes mini vans. Kid is weird

My 9 yr old has been playing hockey for 4/5 years and loves it. He's an all around sports kid too!

Son is passionate with volunteering for the food bank. It was soccer before the pandemic and now he focused on volunteer.

My little girl loves picking out leaves outside. I've shown her how to press them in her books.

My 4 yr old loves ceiling fans. Trick or Treating at every house he would ask do you have a ceiling fan?

6 year old loves ghosts, asks for books bout ghosts at the library. Talks about seeing ghosts all the time.

9yo started watching baking shows on Netflix at age 7, is still obsessed and loves making her own sweet treats.

My son was always obsessed with rocks when he was younger. Now he's 30 and a geologist.

when my son was younger he was obsessed with infomercials. He asked for a wet dry hand vacuum for his birthday.

My 16 year old is obsessed with muscle cars. He has been since he was 4 or 5.

took my daughter to see Bohemian Rhapsody and that got her obsessed with the band Queen and classic rock. She's 13.

my boys are obsessed with animals. Love the wild Kratts. Dressed up as them 6 years ago for Halloween and did it again this year.

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