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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

I love how you hardly wanna know about dad after his stoke and then you post on fb acting like a victim grow up you sis your 44

PAT: hey students, my online course isn't designed to be completed in 24 HOURS! Stop effing procrastinating until the day before and day of the deadline!

2 the woman who opened up the packaged hair brushes, brushed ur hair & put it back. It's NOT OK! Next time buy it first. What's wrong w/ u?!

I can hear you through your mask. You don't need to take it off

do you turds do any work or just expect me to do it all? EVERY SINGLE SHIFT!!! You dumb blank blank….

I placed my notice at work and I don't want to complete it! My boss is so negative and he sucks the life out of me everyday!!

ok MIL your son is an adult you have no say in what we spend our money on. Get over it

hey boss, I'm the top sales rep in the team, I hit my sales goals, stop bugging me about not having 75 calls a day.

Ashley we all lost him that day he killed himself not just you. you are not the only one grieving. Get a job stop selling his stuff to live off of

When you tell me your going to be to my dinner on time, don't show up an hour late with the stupid jerk who hates me and did it on purpose and lie about it.

dear boss I'm sorry I'm a single mother so when my son is sick I have to leave. Stop asking me to come back in when he is sick. He comes first

stop being her bff & b the f'ing parent. Not ok to hide her drug use from her dad. She needs help & so do U!

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