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TEXT TOPIC: How are you just like your mom or dad?

when I get stressed I get angry stressed like my mom especially right before a vacation and I give amazing public speeches just like my dad

I get really mad and rage over stupid shit like my dad. It's something I have to consistently work on.

my mom would always make me wear a hat when I was little@camping, hated it. Now I always have it scalp sunburns are bad! & tell every1 to take one too

after Having baby I ALWAYS making up silly songs to sing one day I heard myself and it hit me.... it's happening, I'm my mother! Hubby tease me lol

I stood with my hands folded 1 on top the other in front of me JUST LIKE MY MOM

my husband is just like his father in so many ways but the worst is his hate for neighbors. They are all nice but they have issues with most of them.

My voice sounds EXACTLY like my mom. Many can't tell us apart on the phone. AND I cry at Disney movies just like she used to do

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