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TEXT TOPIC: Do you know someone who embezzled from their company?

my aunt embezzled from a fast food joint. When her boss found out he gave her a raise because apparently she needed the money

Neighbor in the news in April for Embezz. $500,000 from his company for personal car payments, hunting trips, Disneyland trips.

had an ex girlfriend who's mother got arrested. She was taking care of an elderly gentleman and had taken 150k over like 3 years

My cousin embezzled $100k. Used company card for personal car insurance, chiropractor, dentist visits. Lasted 2.5 Yrs.

Ex-hub stole $5K by submitting false receipts for reimbursement. Stole checks & gave himself $$. Fired but said Co going bankrupt. No charges due 2 cost.

My friend's dad embezzled 97 million dollars. They had private planes and would fly all over the world. He was in prison for 10 years.

Had an employee take 20k from the fuel department

Great uncle arrested, he embezzled $170k from rehab center he worked at. Funded vacations, home "RENO", & personal expenses.

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