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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a stupid injury?

walking daughters dog.I went right dog went left I jumped over dog & fell.right broken knee,left broken ankle,right sprained wrist,stitches left elbow

stubbed my pinky toe on my luggage while packing to go home from vacation and fractured my foot.

broke an artery in my woman region when I slipped over a doggy gate fell on top of the doggie gate and fell down the stairs

Was working in the yard barefoot and stab my foot all the way through with one of those weed puller's The claw looking thing

about three weeks ago I fell on my Christmas Tree and my back and shoulder still hurt.


I was a passenger on a golf cart and crossed my legs as the driver jerked the wheel and I spun out. Fell on my head and needed 12 staples

my little brother broke his lower eye socket playing tackle basketball on asphalt during the winter

Mom broke her hand tripping over an inflatable turkey in the yard.

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