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TEXT TOPIC: Who ratted you out?

my kid he is 3 & everyone now knows what they are getting for Xmas he told his dad and the grandparents if his uncle comes by bet he tell him his gift too

my neighbors! We live in a rural area and they saw my boyfriend sneaking through my window and called the cops! I was 17.

I pulled a senior prank w/ a friend. Everyone loved it, even some teachers. Another senior SNITCHED on me and I was suspended. Small school too!

2 years ago my brother ratted me out for being a bank robber. I'm so glad he did, it changed my life around.

My daughter rats me out any time I go shopping. "Mommy spent $$$" and tells hubby my total. I shop alone now. Snitches get stitches

got a tattoo at 17 with a fake id and someone told my mom...still don't know who it was

husband ratted me out with my last pregnancy. Told my grandma and she told EVERYONE. I wanted to wait after 3 month mark to reveal

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