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TEXT TOPIC: Thanking someonefor helping you get where you are today?

my mom! I am a stay at home mom of 5 boys because of her amazing example!!!

My ex. He helped me get a car, led to new opportunities. I'm a SAHM, married 6yrs, & newly sober

I am so thankful for my middle school English teacher. She helped me find a healthy outlet for my depression and anxiety. Shout out for Mrs. Young for being my teacher and role model in middle school.

I really wanna thank Nikki my girlfriend. She supported me and helped me get back into USU and I'm continuing my college education! Thank you baby

need to thank Stevie Taco from TacoTime for giving me my first job and showing me how you treat customers to build a great business.

thank you to Carolyn Morris for helping me get clean and sober and never giving up on me. Love ya girl

I'm thankful for my high school English teacher she changed my view on school and made me graduate! Rupp rip mess Welsh bountiful high 2007

I want to say thank you to my two best friends Whitney and Reyna thank you guys for everything you're the reason I stay strong

my fianc. he brought me out of a dark place and makes sure i stay out. always asks me if i'm okay and asks what i'm thinking. so caring.

Thank you to Jess and Frankie. Your honesty about life, health, infertility. You have changed my life for the better. Love ya.

my dad for giving us 10k while my husband finished school and my In-laws for helping our fam of 7 so we can save for a home

My friend Frank, now my boyfriend helped financial to make sure me and my children and my brother and his family had a places to live.

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