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TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD about your kid :)

my 6 year old daughter Oaklee made the Honor Roll in first grade. She loves school & we love her so much. So proud.

My 29yo son, 26yo daughter are friends. They see/speak to each other without me orchestrating it. Happy mom.

My oldest daughter brought home a 4.0 GPA for the first term

my 9 month old is almost bigger then his two year old brother.

My oldest who is 8 has been teaching our 5 year old how to read, proud of what a great teacher he is!

My 4 year old is doing so well learning how to read, he read his first book last night.

my 14yr son has become an awesome chef when it comes to meat. Well on his way to be a master smoker sand grilled. Fathers Day is so tasty!

my daughter can count to 10 and she's not even 2! So proud

both my kids are always so giving and thinking of others they never really think for themselves or what they want.

my oldest just turned 3 and knew his entire alphabet and could count to 20 at 2 years old. And can now write all Of his letters.

My son's have opened there own electrical company they had hardly no work now they are so busy and making a go of it im so proud of them!

my kids have grown up to be amazing humans and words can't express the pride I have in how far they've come in life!

My 6 yr old is loving school. She's gotten 100% on all her spelling and math tests so far this year.

My son is home from naval boot camp

my 18 yr old son takes care of my old mom, does all her laundry and yard work and makes sure she eats

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