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TEXT TOPIC: What are you watching?

The Good Place. Loved it but the ending made me cry. Dutch with Ed O'Neill, hilarious! I laughed the whole time.

I've been watching heartland on Netflix and my wife an I are watching 60 days in on Hulu

alone, ratchet and believe it or not all the different seasons of Survivor

A little late to the game, but I just finished The Sopranos. So good!!!

been watching the strain on hulu... Kind of a vampire plague apocalypse series

The wife and I have started to binge watch 2 shows for now which are saved by the bell on peacock and king of queens

I watched the new movie Rebecca on Netflix. It's pretty good ????

Last Man on Earth. Hilarious. Maybe sometimes a little too close to home with the pandemic. Check out the description

rewatching Lost on Hulu

I'm watching The Mandalorian and The Crown

Currently on season four of dexter

The Crown on Netflix. The royal family is SCREWED UP!!!

hubs and I are rewatching letterkenny

My boyfriend and I take turns choosing the show. We're watching Sons of Anarchy and I don't want to tell him that I love it

I'm 53 never Seen the Texas chainsaw massacre. in the past week I've seen two of them.

mind hunters on Netflix, frankie would like it

we are watching designated survivor and Gilmore girls.

The 100 on Netflix. It's cheesy as hell, but I love it anyway. The chosen" by bid angel Haha try to keep it well balanced

season3 buried in the backyard on oxygen A-Aron

I'm loving Survivor on Netflix! So good!

I have been watching A Teacher. Its so so good and racy!

my bestie and I just finished ER on Hulu. We watched 2 episodes a week and it took us over a year to finish, now we are starting west wing

late to the game. Watching house of cards.

we also really like The 100 series

House edit is so addicting especially if you love organizing, It's on Netflix.

we are watching the ocean movies and I'm watching the walking dead

my husband and I just finished the series Outlander. Loved it

Watching dude perfect on YouTube. They are hilarious.

You, filthy rich, lucifer, for life, teen mom 2

ozark on Netflix

Finished 2 w/subtitles. 3% and Barbarians. both good. Netflix

hillbilly elegy that comes out on Netflix next week.

The Queens Gambit. GREAT SHOW on Netflix

Star Trek Discovery, Good Dr

His Dark Materials

Shameless and Lucifer! Both amazing, so so good!!

Been watching Lucifer on Netflix and the new unsolved mysteries.

The Queen's gambit on Netflix. To show about an orphan that gets adopted and becomes a world-class chess player.

my name is earl on Hulu I am living for a little comedy right now

Watching ABC's new show "Big Sky". Based one the first episode, it's going to be SO good!!!

Outlander, Tutors, crown

2018 Halloween with Mike Myers..I'm not ready for Christmas ????

schitts creek season 3 so far! LOVE IT!

My long-distance Besty and I are watching Fargo and Atlanta over discord. Both amazing

watching Transplant on NBC

Just started Big sky The teacher The undoing

Watching a show called superstore like it cause I work in retail myself and it correlates with that and also current events

I just finished Queens gambit and it was so good, on Netflix!

I wasn't into the royal fam but this sucked me in. As of right now it goes up to before princess diana dies.

I started vampire diaries during the lockdown , went to originals and now super invested into legacies. Send help

Lucifer on Netflix is awesome

halfway through Dexter right now

Virgin River and Sweet Magnolia! Cutest shows.

Goliath - so good!!!!

I have been watching How Ridiculous on YouTube. They are freaking hysterical!

just finished Santa Clarita Diet for the second time. Face off on Syfy and Impractical Jokers.. Flea Market Flip.

Virgin River on Netflix. Watched it a while ago but now Season two comes out in a few days so I have to remind myself what happens

The crown on Netflix is really good. I was never into the royals. I'm sucked in. Let me tell you Prince Charles, real shady

The Chosen

rewatching the office along with listening to jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's office ladies podcast about the episodes

Yellowstone on paramount network. It's also on amazon but I think you have to pay for it on there.

handmaids tale!!!

Hunters on Amazon Prime

The boys - on Amazon Prime


Good girls! Peaky blinders and handmaid's tale

it's hillbilly elegy like psychology but elegy

The Queens Gambit is worth the watch. I wasn't sure but it is great

Dirty John it sounds like an adult film, but it's about a shady relationship with a guy named John

Big Sky was awesome! Just the right amount of creep and crime


Malcolm in the middle even better now that I'm an adult

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy, just finished Blue Bloods, lots of "new" shows I'm going to watch on Hulu :)

Good Girls. Netflix. It's like Ozark for the girls. Jess would like it!!

it's dead air all of the sudden. Can't hear ya guys on the radio.

draining the oceans on Disney +

I meant when is the new season starting for both peaky blinders and handmades tale? Anyone know? Great shows! Binge watched them this year

Ozark is amazing!! And Red Oaks was really good.. on Amazon! It's very 80's!

The 100 on Netflix

When the hell is peaky blinders and handsmaids tail? Best shows!

Netflix Queens gambit

Nurse Jackie is great!! 90 Day Fianc

we are watching the swamp thing and we watched love and monsters and that was so good

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