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TEXT TOPIC: Did you break up with someone for a weird reason?

I didn't even start up a relationship with a good looking guy because he has a messed up pinky finger

I broke up with a guy because he threw up all over me on a camping trip. The relationship was waning but the throw up finished it.

We were getting down and he was hairy as well Jess and he had a wad of toilet paper stuck in his butt crack! Nope done!!!

Ended it after the first date because of the way he was cutting his food, he was like a Neanderthal.

i broke it off with a guy cause he wore a Hawaiian shirt on a date and I couldn't take it. I was so petty

ended a relationship cuz his breath always stunk and he has that white stuff that accumulated in the corner of his lips. Oh HELL NO!!

After the first kiss with one of my boyfriends, I ended it, it was a horrible fish kiss, later he came out of the closet. I was happy for him

He protected his meal like a starving hyena, ate way too fast, and made way too much noise when he ate. I have mesophonia.

I broke up with someone because she kept posting duckface pictures on social media

she had a lazy eye and left a mixed CD on my car after 2 dates.

I couldn't go on another date with a guy because of his butt. I just couldn't handle the shape of his butt. It gave me serious FP (fat potential) vibes!

Stinky feet. I wanted him to keep his shoes on but there is a no shoe rule in my house...sooooo.... bu-bye stanky toes!

his fingernails were an inch thick. I thought I hold ignore it but couldn't

I broke up with a guy that farted on me. At least that's what he thinks. He was to intense for me so I needed an out.

homeboy kissed so weird I couldn't do it. I didn't feel like his kissing could be fixed. Ha

broke up with someone cause I'm a foodie and love to try new foods, also weird foods. He only wants pizza bites and hot pocket

He was too big. The size of my forearm l... NNNOOPPEEE

Ended a past relationship because I caught him cutting his toenails and chewing on the clippings

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