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TEXT TOPIC: Who have you unfollowed recently?

I unfollowed Demi Lovato because of her song commander in cheif

unfollowed best friend she told me Black Lives didn't matter... you see my skin color?

unfollowed a friend after she told me I was toxic when I bought her kids Christmas last year and did so many things for her

I am follow my son's ex girlfriend or fianc and the neighbor because she moved next door and she's a bitch

I unfollowed my brother & his family over a huge fight. He accused me of stealing $ from my mom's estate. She left me in charge cuz she trusted me

I unfollow people on their birthday if they didn't wish me one or never like any of my stuff but like all my husband's post

unfollowed an anti masker on my friends list. Can't stand the hatred and vitriol every single day.

I unfollowed the drama by deleting Facebook 6 years ago. The best decision I've made.

the donations are for likes and shares and stuff

I unfollow people quite a bit that post Facebook will donate $1 for this sick kid.... I can't stand it and also it's not true

unfollow, I'm white and my wife is black. I've unfriended a couple friends for their extreme negative posts towards black people.

I recently made my husband unfollow his ex girlfriend because I'm a jealous bitch.

I unfriended my friend because she told me I had a miscarriage as payback for having an abortion seven years ago

All my sister does on social media is cause drama and attack those who voted differently. Most of my family has unfollowed her

unfollowed not unfriended my wife's siblings cause they are very argumentative about things they don't agree with and I couldn't deal with it

I've recently Unfollowed social media. I can't stand the drama, the likes, dislikes any of it. Most of what people post, I'm like I don't care!

I'm in law enforcement and have been threatened to be killed by friends on social media

I recently unfollowed one of my sister in law because she's always trying to get people to feel sorry for her and give her free stuff.

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