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TEXT TOPIC: What will you never do again?

Date someone with a former spouse and kids.

I will never go tubing down a river again!! I am traumatized!

I'll never piss off a Polynesian ever again. Got punched one time and I got the best sleep ever

lip injections! Hurt so freaking bad! Never again! :)

I will never ever go river rafting again. The rapids are terrifying

the white roller coaster. Rattled my teeth, my head, and body. To jerky.

I'm not going to try rock climbing again. The last time I did it, I thought that I was going to fall off of the mountain and die!!

I will never have a baby without an epidural again

get married... I will never get married again! I like being in charge of my own life. Peace our fellas!

I will never go on a cruise again. It was terrible.

ice fishing, fell through on a atv

never will I get married again! EVER! dont do it very bad!

Lol the DJ is Dead Mouse... Same listener. Haha

one and done spinny rides at an amusement park

Cave spelunking!!

get married. No thank you.

I made about 1000 tamales with my grandma one Christmas and I swore never again will I make or eat another tamale.

I will never ever never go skydiving again it scared the bejesus out of me and I turned a light shade of pea green

been there done that, not again - having kids. Im enduring the teenage years. Enough said. Lol

I will never visit Nepal again. Great people/ food but I tore my ACL in a village. Total nightmare. Namaste? Namas-Go.

Second ex husband.... never getting married again!!! Working on herself and learning to love herself.

Get married

Doing a cartwheel as an adult, never again! Lamo ??????

got married, got divorced, never again.

roller coasters. I hate them, they hate me...I was forced to go on 3 and hated every second of it. Never. Again.

I hate the feeling of falling. Did tower of terror twice once in Disneyland and once in Disney world. I will never do it again.

My dad's parents out in their will that if any of the kids fought over the will or what they got, no one would get anything.!

Skydiving! It was... an experience. Never again

Get married. I will never get married again. Was married to a narcissistic sociopath (police officer) NEVER AGAIN!!

Ragnar!! Did the Wasatch back in 2011. I'm so glad I did it but will never do it again. This girl needs her sleep!!!

not sure I will ever go off the high dive at Lava Hot Springs. Did it as a kid but can't as an adult, why is that lol

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