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TEXT TOPIC: Have you ever done the dirty at work?

we worked at the same location, so we would lock the door before the next manager would come in and do the deed. It was amazing.

Another BF hooked up at the airport. He threw bags and I visited late nights.

everyday after work in my office, or my boyfriends office for 9 months.

worked at a tanning every single room

big manufacturing plant. In the basement, sever times ??

my friend was a leasing agent and we did it in the model homes

my husband is a truck driver and every other weekend he hast to drive down to St. George. Let's just say there was some pleasure over the road. (For him)

Orthodontic office, once in my office on the desk. Then before I left I did it in my bosses office.

bosses desk. Only place their wasnt cameras.

did it in the basement of the hospital, like 50 feet away from the morgue. It was exciting hahaha

when I was a teenager my ex's stepmom had her own business and when he was working we would go upstairs to the office to do it.

Back when I worked at autozone I did it with my girlfriend in the back room where there was no cameras

Work hook up. We wrkd in a grocery store. We hooked up in the dairy cooler. Fun to not get caught by customer or workers

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